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List of Commercial HVAC Brands

If you need to upgrade your current commercial HVAC system, it can be overwhelming to decide what air conditioning brand is best for your property. Luckily, you can call on AC Power & Comfort for a comprehensive assessment and estimate to help you choose the ideal HVAC brand for commercial use. To help you get started, here’s a list of the top commercial HVAC brands out there that we recommend:


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Business Center Office Building HVAC Maintenance and Repair

Top 10 AC Problems in Business Centers in South Florida

If you are a maintenance manager, commercial property or own a commercial office building or business center, it’s your responsibility to be aware of potential AC problems in business centers in South Florida. When AC issues are ignored, it doesn’t only cause problems with the entire AC system, but it can also lead to expensive A/C repairs and service, and even cause health problems.

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Top 14 mistakes to avoid when hiring a commercial HVAC contractor

When searching for an HVAC company in South Florida, it seems like they are pretty much a dime a dozen. It is definitely a field that is in high demand in a region where Air conditioning is not a luxury but a necessity. That being said, as a business owner or property manager, where budgets need to be met and time spent without air conditioning is simply unacceptable, how does one find an honest, reputable and knowledgeable HVAC contractor in an industry where those traits are hard to come by?

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HVAC System Problems That Affect Employee Productivity And Health

As a building or facility manager it is your responsibility to see that employers can provide a conducive work environment to their employees. Indoor air needs to be at a certain quality in order to effect maximum productivity by creating a comfortable and healthy environment. The quality of the indoor air is determined by its temperature, the humidity levels, how well ventilated it is and its level of purity (if there are other chemicals components in the air).

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Top HVAC Repairs That Can Cost Big Bucks For Property Managers

One of the most important duties of property managers is maintaining property. Property managers execute this mandate by resolving tenant complaints as well as carrying out their own independent investigations on the state of their property and its appliances. At the top of property management issues are HVAC repairs. HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) repair costs can easily get out of hand. It is however important to note that the costs can be kept in check by observing maintenance schedules. Property managers are guilty of overlooking HVAC maintenance. Although HVAC systems are prone to breaking down, most of these units break down because of neglect/poor service. Like any other machines with moving parts, regular HVAC maintenance is required to make sure HVAC systems are working effectively at all times. Furthermore, it is cheaper to perform regular HVAC maintenance than deal with a serious system damage/malfunction. In aAir Conditioning Duct And Vent Repairn effort to help you (the property manager) understand the importance of maintaining your HVAC system, below are the top HVAC repairs that can cost big bucks.
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HVAC Equipment Guide for Property Managers

Why Did We Create the HVAC Equipment Guide?

Property managers tend to a lot of things when it comes to managing real estate property. Aside from coordinating with the property owner’s wishes, they will also have to deal with collecting rent, paying taxes, keeping the property in good shape and maintaining optimal temperature by way of HVAC, among others, that is why we created this HVAC equipment guide.

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