Top 10 AC Problems in Business Centers in South Florida

Business Center Office Building HVAC Maintenance and Repair

If you are a maintenance manager, commercial property or own a commercial office building or business center, it’s your responsibility to be aware of potential AC problems in business centers in South Florida. When AC issues are ignored, it doesn’t only cause problems with the entire AC system, but it can also lead to expensive A/C repairs and service, and even cause health problems.

That’s why we wanted to create this list of common air conditioning problems in business centers to help everyone stay cool, stay safe, and keep their budgets in check! If you detect any of the following AC problems in your office building, contact AC Power & Comfort as soon as possible. 

1 – Odd Smells Coming from A/C Vents 

If you detect odd smells or odors coming from the AC vents in your business center, it’s most likely a bad case of mold or mildew growing in the ductwork. While an air freshener can provide temporary relief from that mold or musty smell, this can be a serious air conditioning problem in business centers. This is a sign that also points to poor indoor air quality in your building. You must contact an AC repair technician right away to inspect the building’s ductwork. 

2 – Dirty Condenser Coils

Dirty compressor coils are one of the most common HVAC problems in business centers. Dirty condenser coils don’t only compromise the entire AC system, it can also compromise your budget. When an AC runs with dirty condenser coils, it increases the compression energy in an attempt to increase airflow, which means that your energy bill increases as well. Dirty condenser coils need to be managed as soon as possible to prevent the high rise in costs, potential damage to the system, and environmental impact. 

3 – Refrigerant Leaks or Low Levels of Refrigerant 

Another one of the most common AC problems in business centers is low or leaking refrigerant. Without refrigerants, cooling your business center will be almost impossible. This is the liquid that runs through the coils that helps to cool a building and remove humidity. In the humid and hot South Florida weather, it’s always important to make sure that your refrigerant levels are good and there are no leaks. If you detect a high humidity level inside your building, contact an AC repair technician immediately for an inspection. 

4 – Unusual Noises Can Indicate Other AC problems in Business Centers

If you hear buzzing, clanking, or rocking sounds coming from air conditioning vents or units, contact AC Power & Comfort right away. There are a number of different AC problems in business centers that are signaled by odd noises. Remember that when an air conditioning unit is running properly, it shouldn’t be loud or distracting. In order to properly identify the issue and learn where the noise is coming from, an experienced AC technician needs to conduct a full inspection of the system. 

5 – Damaged Rooftop AC Unit Can Be a Big AC problem in a Business Center

When you notice a change in airflow, air quality, coolness, or increased humidity inside your building, it’s highly recommended to have it checked out right away. Because most commercial business buildings in South Florida have rooftop HVAC units, it can be hard to notice if they’re dirty or damaged. An AC repair technician can identify if the system needs to be cleaned or if it’s been damaged by harsh winds or weather. 

6 – Issues with Ventilation

If you hold your hand up to a vent and you feel very little or no air flowing through, that could point to a problem with the ventilation. There are quite a few culprits that are responsible for these types of AC problems in business centers, such as dirty coils, dirty filters, blocked vents, or issues with the thermostat. If you detect low or no airflow or have ventilation issues and need ACPower&Comfort to fix your business center HVAC, contact our office as soon as possible. 

7 – Clogged Drain Lines

Clogged drain lines are also one of the most common HVAC problems in business centers. The generated moisture is supposed to be able to run into a pan and through the drain lines. When a drain line becomes clogged, the moisture also gets clogged, which can lead to leaks in your ceilings or walls. For instance, if you see bubbles forming along wall paint or wallpaper, it could mean that there’s moisture collecting there because there’s a clog in your business center’s HVAC drain line. An AC technician can remove the clog by cleaning out the drain line. 

8 – A Fuse has Blown 

Blown fuses are one of the most common air conditioning problems in business centers, especially in the hot and humid South Florida summers when AC units are running more than usual. If your AC unit unexpectedly shuts off, it could be an indication that a fuse has blown. Contact an AC Power & Comfort technician to get your commercial unit up and running again. 

9 – Thermostat Issues

There’s always a chance that a commercial A/C unit is functional but there’s a glitch in the thermostat system. Our technicians are well-versed in many different communication systems and advanced thermostat models. 

10 – Lack of A/C Maintenance 

Licensed AC technicians will always recommend scheduling routine a/c maintenance inspections at business centers in South Florida. If your AC unit hasn’t been serviced in a long time, a number of issues can occur, such as many of the common problems listed above.

Contacting a Commercial A/C Company to Fix Your AC problems in Business Centers

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