Complete System Integration And Control

Commercial building automation services in South Florida

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Our Building Automation Services Includes:

  • HVAC Controls Design
  • HVAC Controls Installation
  • HVAC Controls Repair
  • HVAC Controls Tuning
  • HVAC Controls Setup
  • HVAC Controls Programming

We are currently an Authorized dealer for:

  • Tridium Niagra 4
  • Intellifront by ASI
  • Yaskawa
  • Belimo

These platform products allow us the ability to integrate both new systems and technology into your current building automation system allowing our clients to protect their current investments that may still be functional in their building. This allows for new upgrades, enhancements and the latest features to be added to the existing automation system and networks, allowing our clients to have all the capabilities of a new, updated integrative system instead of only providing the option of a costly wholesale replacement of their current functional system.

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Benefits of System Controls

Savvy building owners or property managers know the bottom line benefits of integrating multiple systems and installing an Energy Management System (EMS).

You will be able to:

  • Monitor and analyze your energy expenditures
  • Identify and notify any potential energy inefficiencies
  • Forecast optimal time to start lowering set points during peak times or raising set points during off peak times

Which at the end of the day, all results in energy savings. Case studies performed when installing controls showed up to a 70% savings in energy costs!

Integrate various HVAC equipment systems under one automated control system.

Building Automation will allow you to customize your entire system including:

  • Pumps
  • Cooling Towers
  • VAV Boxes
  • Roof Top Package Units

It also allows to add fire prevention and connecting directly with security to have a complete integrated building automation all at your fingertips.

About Building Automation Systems

Building automation control systems are used for small and large commercial buildings and offer building and property managers with a full range of ultra-modern plug-and-play capabilities that boost operations, air quality, efficiency and provide enhanced system diagnostics.

All these capabilities make control system one of the top building automation control system available in the market.

Building Automation Systems Benefits

  • Control Temperature in Offices or Rooms
  • Access on Monitoring and Changing Set Point Temperatures Remotely
  • Alarm Management
  • Tenant Billing

Why Install HVAC Controls?

Building Automation is essential for your commercial and industrial buildings.

In today’s technological age, Building Automation is not considered a luxury but a necessity in running your building efficiently and intelligently.

Building Automation Systems allows you to not only have the convenience of 24 hr remote access but it allows you to monitor, adjust or address any issues that may arise in your building.

By integrating your system, you can monitor peak usage times and bill clients accordingly or simply adjust temperatures to save energy during down time as well.

AC Comfort Controls is a subsidiary of AC Power & Comfort and we specialize in creating a customizable integrated building system all at your fingertips with the highest level of customer service.

As an independent controls contractor, we not only look to exceed your expectations depending on your specific needs, but look for the best, most affordable option that meets all the demands of your building.

At AC Comfort Controls, we proudly provide maintenance, service and installation of multiple manufacturers equipment. We are constantly staying up to date on the constant evolving trend of building automation in order to offer the most optimal, integrated system in the market.

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