Complete System Integration And Control

hvac controls

Building Automation is essential for your commercial and industrial buildings.

Benefits of System Controls

Savvy building owners or property managers know the bottom line benefits of integrating multiple systems and installing an Energy Management System (EMS).

You will be able to:

  • Monitor and analyze your energy expenditures
  • Identify and notify any potential energy inefficiencies
  • Forecast optimal time to start lowering set points during peak times or raising set points during off peak times

Which at the end of the day, all results in energy savings. Case studies performed when installing I-VU controls showed up to a 70% savings in energy costs!

Integrate various HVAC equipment systems under one automated control system.

Building Automation will allow you to customize your entire system including:

  • Lighting
  • Irrigation
  • HVAC equipment including chillers, cooling towers, pumps, boilers, VAV boxes and package units

It also allows to add fire prevention and connecting directly with security to have a complete integrated building automation all at your fingertips.

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