List of Commercial HVAC Brands

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If you need to upgrade your current commercial HVAC system, it can be overwhelming to decide what air conditioning brand is best for your property. Luckily, you can call on AC Power & Comfort for a comprehensive assessment and estimate to help you choose the ideal HVAC brand for commercial use. To help you get started, here’s a list of the top commercial HVAC brands out there that we recommend:


BAC Cooling Tower

The Baltimore Aircoil Company offers many options in its cooling tower series. For example, the Series 3000 cooling tower is an industry leader and includes an opening to the interior, making it easy to access for maintenance. Ask your technician about their Extreme Efficiency (XE) models that can help reduce energy costs. 

MARLEY Cooling Tower

The Marley cooling tower made by SPX Cooling Technologies is another highly recommended product. Marley NC Everest Cooling Tower was named the Mission Critical Top Tier Award Winner in 2020. SPX has over 150 offices and subsidiaries worldwide, making delivery and local services convenient. 

EVAPCO Cooling Tower

EVAPCO offers a wide selection of commercial HVAC products as well as industrial refrigeration and power generation equipment. EVAPCO is committed to protecting the environment. Their products feature recycled steel, aim to eliminate the need for chemical use in water treatment, conserve energy and water, and reduce noise pollution.

RAYPAK Boilers

RAYPAK is another industry leader that designs products with energy efficiency in mind. Their commercial boilers are all 100% factory tested and come with extended thermal shock and heat exchanger warranties. Be sure to ask your technician about their wide variety of hydronic boilers. 

Lochinvar Boilers

Lochinvar offers water-heating solutions using some of the most cutting-edge technology. Their KNIGHT XL commercial boiler has a sleek design and is brilliantly engineered, requiring minimal maintenance. It also offers remote connectivity and operating controls. 

Trane Chillers

​​TRANE chillers are built to be sustainable, reliable, and flexible. They’re specifically designed to have a lower environmental impact than their competitors. They have a wide range of chillers to choose from, making it easier to combat tough property design challenges. 

Carrier Chillers

Carrier offers multiple types of chillers with a wide capacity range. If you’re looking for a complete commercial HVAC system in a new construction project, Carrier is a desirable option. They can produce chillers that are ideally suited for new development. 

Aurora Pumps

Aurora pumps designed by PENTAIR are well-known for their quality manufacturing and consistency. They incorporate cutting-edge technology into their pump design. They offer an online software program to help you select your system while showing you pump drawings and specifications. 

Taco Pumps

Taco Comfort Solutions has a wide selection of high-efficiency pumps, pump accessories, and circulators. Taco manufacturers state that “because their products require fewer components and less finite materials, they require less energy to operate.” 

AAON Heating and Cooling Products 

AAON is well-known for being a trusted commercial HVAC company. They also operate the AAON Technical Academy, which trains and certifies technicians to install and maintain their products. They have a primary focus on nonresidential buildings and aim to be the leader in high-efficiency data center cooling solutions. 

If you’re still looking for other HVAC equipment, here’s a list of other reliable companies that you can explore: 

American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning 

American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning manufactures cooling and heating equipment for both residential and commercial properties. It’s one of the oldest companies out there —operating for over 100 years in the HVAC industry. American Standard supplies top-quality commercial HVAC units and provides a wide variety of parts and products such as coils, heat pumps, and air handlers. 


CaptiveAire has been an HVAC industry leader for over 40 years. They specialize in manufacturing commercial kitchen ventilation systems and sell every necessary feature such as fans, ductwork, heaters, and all other HVAC equipment. They aim to maximize efficiency and help restaurants, retail businesses, and offices maintain excellent indoor air quality. 

Coleman Heating & Air Conditioning 

Coleman Heating & Air Conditioning is a high-quality brand that provides a wide range of HVAC commercial equipment. They boast local manufacturing in the US. In addition, they’re well-known for their HVAC product warranties. You may recognize the Coleman brand from its many products, including camping equipment, gas furnaces, heat pumps, split systems, and heating units. 

Lennox Commercial 

Lennox Commercial is a brand that’s well-recognized for its high-quality equipment and line of energy-efficient VRF products (variable refrigerant flow). They specialize in equipment installation for light commercial buildings and showcase products such as split systems and rooftop units. 

Trane Commercial

Trane Commercial is one of the most popular brands in the world. Because the Trane brand aims to be one of the number one providers of commercial HVAC equipment, they supply many systems that are designed for large buildings and properties, such as terminal devices, chillers, and ductless options. Trane products come equipped with complete guides, tools, and design information to help technicians install and maintain commercial HVAC units.


Rheem is another traditional North American company that’s been in business for almost 100 years. They offer high-performing commercial HVAC equipment with extended warranties. Rheem also advertises its high-efficiency savings that are included when purchasing its products. Current statistics show savings of over 30% in comparison to baseline technologies. 

Allied Commercial 

Allied Commercial works with a network of over 900 independent distributors across the country, which makes this brand easy for installation and maintenance purposes. Allied focuses on creating some of the most powerful commercial HVAC systems. The brand boasts heavy-duty, long-lasting equipment, making it a favorite for rooftop units exposed to extreme weather conditions.  

Daikin Applied 

Daikin Applied is a top choice for those looking to partner up with an energy and environmentally conscious brand. Daikin has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Buildings, Better Plants initiative. They specialize in a variety of commercial HVAC equipment such as air hangers, condensing units, fan coils, and modular central plants. 

Carrier Heating and Cooling 

Carrier considers itself a global leader in commercial air conditioning and heating systems. They’ve committed to research and development in energy efficiency and sustainability in their products. This is also a top-rated brand for indoor air quality in commercial properties.

LG Air Conditioning Technologies 

While LG Air Conditioning Technologies isn’t an American-born brand, it’s produced in a division of Korea-based LG Electronics; it is a commercial HVAC industry leader. This brand aims to be known as the top performer for the Multi V Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) series. This system allows multiple indoor units to connect to a sole unit outdoors. 

Amana Heating & Air Conditioning 

Amana is an American company that designs, engineers, and creates all of its HVAC equipment and products in the U.S. They’re a top-rated commercial air conditioning brand that prides itself on its extended warranty plans. 

If you’re interested in learning more about these commercial HVAC brands or a specific brand that isn’t on this list, we can help. Contact AC Power & Comfort, Inc today to speak with an experienced team member about our HVAC  installation process for commercial buildings.