Property Manager HVAC Yearly Checklist

commercial property manager hvac yearly checklist

Property managers have long lists of daily tasks and responsibilities. Despite how organized you are, a few things always tend to fall through the cracks. That’s why we recommend using our essential property manager yearly checklist. This list can ensure property managers that you’re starting the new year on the right foot. 

Check Exterior Paint 

General wear and tear on the exterior part of the building should be touched up or repainted entirely if it’s beginning to date the property. Minor touch-ups can go a long way when it comes to appearance and aesthetics. 

Check Interior Paint in Shared Areas 

You may not be able to repaint every office or apartment, but shared interior areas, such as lobbies or mailrooms, should be inspected for repainting needs. Painting or wallpaper in elevators should also be checked. 

Schedule HVAC Unit Inspections

Schedule AC Power & Comfort for an annual HVAC inspection. Our team has our own HVAC inspection checklist that we use for yearly evaluations and inspections to ensure that nothing gets overlooked and all cooling and heating equipment is running correctly.  

Evaluate Carpeting and Flooring Condition

Carpeting is one feature that needs consistent assessments. We highly recommend replacing carpet every 2-3 years. Carpets should at least be steam cleaned 1-2 times a year. Check damages on other types of flooring, such as hardwood or tile. Grout on tile floors can always use a good scrubbing a few times a year. 

Schedule Plumbing Repairs 

Minor plumbing issues, such as leaky faucets, running toilets, or poor water pressure tend to go untreated in some buildings. Take this opportunity to schedule a plumber to evaluate your entire plumbing system and make all necessary repairs. 

Check For Mold 

Check the property for mold or bacteria growth in areas like air ducts, wooden shelving, bathrooms, kitchens, and around air conditioning vents. This should be done to ensure that humidity levels are acceptable and your tenants are not living in unsafe health conditions. 

Clean Windows

With the storms getting stronger and stronger every year, rainwater and dirt will quickly collect and dry on exterior windows, making them look cloudy. Cleaning windows annually also helps bring in more natural light to the interior of the building. 

Inspect All Appliances 

Appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, ice machines, and other equipment should be thoroughly inspected. Fixing any minor appliances issues can help save money on more prominent issues that may arise in the future. In addition, annual inspections of appliances can extend the lifespan of most equipment. 

Do a Safety Check 

Check every safety system in the building, such as fire extinguishers, fire alarms, security systems, security cameras, and elevator inspection reports. Be sure to let your tenants know that your property has passed a safety test! 

Update Landscaping and Irrigation Systems 

Have your landscaping team conduct an irrigation system check to make sure sprinklers are running properly. Ensure that there are no missing sprinkler heads or leaks and check for any sprinklers that could be aiming in the wrong direction, such as towards a parking spot where cars can be damaged from well water. 

Check Light Fixtures 

Make sure lights are working in all common areas, such as parking lots, stairwells, elevators, and lobbies. It could be beneficial to install new energy-efficient LED bulbs where appropriate. 

Inspect Roof and Gutters

Cleaning gutters and inspecting roofs for leaks is always necessary. During hurricane season, gutters should be cleaned out regularly, but it’s always a good idea to check them during your annual roof inspection. Ensure all gutters are secured tightly to the roof and installed under the drip edge. Consider using gutter filters to avoid leaf and debris build-up. 

Update Amenities 

Tenants always appreciate updates to amenities. For instance, if you have a fitness center on your property, be sure to inspect all gym equipment and make sure each device is working properly. Older pieces of equipment with outdated technology systems should be replaced. 

Check Parking Areas 

Make sure that the parking lot is free of potholes or debris. Consider repainting parking spots or repaving the entire parking area. If your renters use assigned numbered parking, check that all numbers are visible. 

This checklist can help you maintain a beautiful property while preventing significant repairs. Don’t forget that the AC Power & Comfort, Inc. team is here to assist you with all of your air conditioning and heating needs. If you’d like to schedule your annual AC inspection, give our office a call today! We can conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your current equipment, make necessary repairs, inspect ductwork, and help you extend the lifespan of your HVAC system.