Let’s Bring the Quality HVAC Services Back

Let me share a little history about myself before I get to my point with why we should bring quality back to the air conditioning field.

Hello, my name is Omar. I’m the proud owner of AC Power & Comfort, Inc. My company is a small family business that’s growing through our reputation of being honest and reliable in this industry. First and foremost, I’m not a writer,so please bear with me. Now that that’s clear, lets get started. I’m married and I have a beautiful family. My wife is Yesenia and I have a handsome 7 month old son named Christian. My profession is in the HVAC-R industry and I have been in this trade since 1998. So that’s about 16 years now. I’m a licensed Mechanical Contractor “CMC” for that state of Florida. I picked this trade because I fell in love with the science/theory behind Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems.

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