Cooling Tower Maintenance and Repair Services in West Palm Beach, Broward and Miami

Cooling Tower Maintenance Repair Services We offer the following cooling tower maintenance and repair services including:

  • Preventative maintenance service
  • Fan and belt repairs
  • Pillow block bearings service
  • Motor repairs
  • Cooling tower pump repairs
  • Frequency drives service
  • Equipment change out

We pride ourselves in providing highly qualified and skilled HVAC technicians specialized in preventative maintenance contracts that are specific to your cooling tower needs.

Cooling Tower Problems We Solve

  • Leaking water or low in water
  • Damaged frequency drive or burnt motor starter
  • Circulating pump not pumping
  • Damaged cooling tower fill
  • Heavy corrosion /scale/rust
  • Damaged upper casing
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Blocked strainers
  • Vibration issues

Types of Cooling Towers We Service:

  • Induced Draft
  • CrossFlow
  • CounterFlow

Cooling Tower Brands We Service:

  • Marley
  • BAC
  • McQuay

200-Ton Cooling Tower Repair – Before and After

Services performed in Coconut Creek, Florida





Repairs consisted of the following:

  • Removal of damaged cooling tower upper casing
  • Removal of damaged motor
  • Removal of damaged fan, blades and fan guard
  • Installation of new fan, blades and fan guard
  • Installation of new motor
  • Installation of new upper casing

125-Ton Cooling Tower Fan Blade Repair

Services performed in Lake Worth, Florida


Repairs consisted of the following:

This repair was due to the lack of maintenance performed on the cooling tower.

  • Removal of damaged blades and hub
  • Installation of new hub and fan blades
  • Installation of new motor bolts
  • Installation of new support turnbuckles for sprinkler head tubing
  • Installing fan blades at the proper pitch per manufacturers design
  • Start up and record amperage
  • Turn off and readjust fan blades inward to lower the amp-draw as specified on motor data plate for 208 3-phase
  • Start up and record amperage

Marley Cooling Tower Repair

The following repairs were made to a Marley cooling tower in Boynton Beach, Florida

  • Fan sheave replacement
  • Fan hub replacement
  • Fan sheave hub replacement

Types of Cooling Towers We Service (By Tons):

  • 150 to 500 Ton Marley Systems
  • 200 to 500 Ton BAC Systems
  • 250 to 500 ton EVAPCO systems

Cooling Tower Maintenance

Services Performed


  • Annual Shut Down
  • Drain tower basin
  • Pressure wash fill
  • Flush sediment
  • Note: Fill tower, flush fill and drain serval times
  • Check belts or change if required
  • Inspect pillow block bearing and grease
  • Check motor plate, bolts and rods for corrosion, change if required

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