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If you own a hotel in South Florida, having issues with your HVAC units can be detrimental to your business. While most visitors come to Florida for the warm weather, they also expect efficient air conditioning throughout their stay. Without a high-performing cooling system, you’re risking a lot in our highly competitive hospitality industry. Contact AC Power & Comfort for all your hotel HVAC repair needs!

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Hotel HVAC Services We Provide

If you’re looking for the best hotel HVAC repair services, look no further than AC Power & Comfort. We provide HVAC repair and maintenance to hotels all over South Florida. We can handle any hotel air conditioning repair work, such as:

  • Identifying cooling issues
  • Troubleshoot technical communication system problems 
  • Repair water leaks 
  • Evaluate reasons for high energy costs
  • Resolve ventilation problems 
  • Manage ductwork damage 
  • Solve thermostat issues
  • Identify odors coming from vents

While these are just a few common issues that we handle in hotel HVAC repair, we’re also well-known for discovering incredibly complex HVAC issues that other companies overlook. Contact us today to discuss your hotel HVAC issue and speak with a professional about your repair! 

24-Hour Hotel HVAC Repair Service — 7 Days a Week! 

If there’s one industry that can benefit from 24/7 HVAC repair, it’s hotel management services! When a hotel loses air conditioning in the middle of the night, you need immediate solutions. Going more than a few hours without a cooling or heating system can desolate a hotel’s business. That’s why we offer hotel HVAC repair 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We work carefully but efficiently to make sure that your commercial air conditioning system is working right, ensuring that your hotel’s guests keep coming back. Provide top-quality comfort and contact AC Power & Comfort for any emergency hotel HVAC repair needs.

Repairs and Service for Hotel HVAC Equipment

We provide repairs and service for a wide range of hotel HVAC equipment, including:

  • Heating equipment
  • Cooling equipment
  • Low-pressure boilers
  • Heat pumps
  • Commercial water towers
  • Carrier Chiller equipment

Hotel HVAC Maintenance Service and Contracts 

We’re strong believers in keeping hotel HVAC units in excellent condition to help them last. Routine maintenance can extend the lifespan of a hotel’s HVAC system. Hotel HVAC maintenance checks and inspections can also help us identify issues before they start and prevent you from paying for expensive air conditioning repairs. If you’re the owner and operator of a South Florida hotel, we highly suggest choosing from one of our hotel HVAC maintenance contracts:

Our Hotel HVAC Maintenance Contracts

Bronze – 2 annual inspections/one-year contract

Silver – 4 annual inspections/two-year contract

Gold – 6 annual inspections/ three-year contract 

Common Issues Discovered at Routine Hotel HVAC Maintenance Inspections 

Here are some common issues that our skilled technicians often identify at a regular hotel HVAC maintenance inspection: 

  • Loose wires/shortened wires. Loose or cropped wires can impact the entire system and prevent cooling in large hotels. 
  • High humidity levels indoors. A dirty evaporator coil with an old filter can prevent cooling, leading to high temperatures and humidity levels indoors. 
  • Water leaks. A blocked drain line can cause water leaks in hotel rooms. 
  • Moldy or stuffy odors. Bacteria growth and mold in a drain pan can project awful smells from vents. 

Ignoring even the slightest HVAC issue can put a ton of strain on your overall HVAC system and cause much bigger and more complicated problems. This doesn’t only create an issue for your hotel guests; it’s also going to affect your budget. Let’s face it — fixing an HVAC problem can be much, much more expensive than simply paying for routine hotel HVAC maintenance. Contact us today to discuss your hotel HVAC maintenance needs! 

Hotel Indoor Air Quality 

Good indoor air quality can provide many fantastic benefits, such as boosting your mood and enhancing health. Poor indoor air quality can spark migraines, headaches, allergic reactions, dry eyes, excessive coughing, and overall discomfort. Bad indoor air quality can even lead to Legionnaires disease or carbon monoxide poisoning in rare cases. 

If you want your hotel guests to have an optimal experience at your South Florida location, you should consider the current health of your indoor air quality. Throughout a comprehensive indoor air quality inspection, we take a look at a hotel’s:

  • Filtration systems
  • Ductwork
  • UV Lights
  • I-Wave
  • Any appearances of mold 
  • Dryer vents

Call us today to speak with an indoor air quality expert! For Broward, call at 1.561.405.5946 for Palm Beach and Martin County or 1.954.204.8399 for Broward and Miami.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hotel HVAC Repair and Maintenance 

What kinds of HVAC systems do hotels use?

Hotels use several different kinds of HVAC systems. Typically, a hotel will use Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTAC), Vertical Terminal Air Conditioners (VTAC), and Variable Refrigerant flow (VRF) units. PTAC units provide A/C control in each individual room, but they only pump out recycled air from within the room. Using VTAC units are about the size of a closet and are built into the wall. They can cool multiple rooms at a time. VRF systems work as a centralized unit. These come in the form of rooftop HVAC units, and they connect to fan coils located in each hotel room. To learn more about the different HVAC systems hotels use, call us today. 

Why is it important to have a reliable HVAC system in hotels?

In the internet age, it’s crucial to provide a pleasant experience for customers, regardless of whether you own a hotel, restaurant, or any other business. Any discomfort can instantly lead to negative reviews and ratings. When a guest stays at a hotel, at the very least, they expect comfort. If a guest cannot make a room instantly warmer or colder to meet their expectations, it can result in bad business, refunds, and negative press. Having a reliable, efficient, and high-performing hotel HVAC system is essential.

What causes wear on a hotel HVAC system? 

Many factors can contribute to the wear and tear of a hotel HVAC system. Most of these things can be considered minor at first and then build up to become huge problems. For instance, keeping filters and coils clean, updating communication systems, and inspecting drain lines are critical routine hotel HVAC maintenance tasks. These maintenance tasks and inspections need to be done regularly so that your hotel HVAC system can run for as long as possible. If you’re interested in one of our hotel HVAC maintenance contracts, give us a call today to schedule an inspection! 

What characteristics should I look for in a hotel HVAC system?

We suggest looking for three key characteristics when searching for the right hotel HVAC system. First, you want your HVAC system to be efficient. As we mentioned above, you need to be able to meet your guests’ temperature expectations quickly. No one wants to wait around for a room to cool off or heat up. If you have things like restaurants and bars in your hotel, efficient cooling is even more critical. Next, we suggest going for a hotel HVAC system that has an upgraded technological communication system. These advanced systems can detect patterns in usage, which can help save money in the long run. Lastly, we recommend durability. For instance, if you have rooftop HVAC units, you want to make sure they can withstand the intense Florida weather. Contact us today to learn more about choosing the right hotel HVAC system.

Should we repair or upgrade our hotel HVAC system? 

The best way to know if your hotel HVAC system simply needs a repair or if it needs replacing is to call AC Power & Comfort. One of our experienced technicians can inspect your system and provide a complete analysis. We work hard to troubleshoot and find a solution to every problem. However, if your system is beyond repair, we can help you choose a new, reliable HVAC system and handle all your installation needs. 

How can I find the right hotel HVAC repair service near me?

AC Power & Comfort has provided hotel HVAC repair service and maintenance to hotels around South Florida for years! We know that it’s essential to work effectively and efficiently for hotel HVAC repair so that your guests remain comfortable throughout their stay. That’s why we provide excellent customer service, top-quality repairs, and 24/7 hotel HVAC service.

Call us today to schedule a hotel HVAC inspection, repair, or maintenance! For Broward, call at 1.561.405.5946 for Palm Beach and Martin County or 1.954.204.8399 for Broward and Miami.