Commercial Duct Repair Services in South Florida

For commercial duct repair, contact the pros AC Power & Comfort. Repairing or installing new ductwork in a commercial building or luxury residential property can be a complex project. If ductwork isn’t repaired properly and with precision, more serious issues with the HVAC system or air quality will likely occur. With the help of our experienced and skilled technicians, we can guarantee that we’ll repair your commercial ductwork system correctly, helping you avoid expensive repairs in the future. 

Duct Repair in South Florida
Commercial Duct Repair in South Florida

AC Power & Comfort handles commercial duct repair, such as:

  • Air Leaks
  • Blown fiberglass duct
  • Collapsed ductwork
  • Inconsistent airflow
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Inefficient cooling 

Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Duct Repair 

Contact our office today if you’d like to hear more about commercial air duct repair and how AC Power & Comfort can assist you. Keep reading to learn more about commercial duct repair.

How do commercial air ducts work?

Air ducts are the tubing system that acts as a host for airflow. Commercial ductwork runs above the ceilings in large office buildings. In more industrial style properties, sometimes the ductwork is exposed. These tubes transfer hot or cold air from the HVAC system to air vents and throughout the facility. The ductwork is an essential part of any air conditioning system in a commercial or luxury property. 

How can I tell if air ducts are leaking? 

There are a few signs that typically point to a leak in an air duct. A spike in your energy bill is definitely a red flag that indicates a leaky air duct. High utility bills are common because a leak will strain the HVAC unit by making it work harder to keep the facility cool. Another critical sign of a leaking air duct is inconsistent airflow throughout the building. For instance, some areas or offices may feel cool while others will appear stuffy or warm. Dust collection is also a strong indicator of a leak in a commercial air duct. The leak can pull in dust from the exterior areas of the ductwork and then spread the dust throughout the building. If you notice any of the above signs in your luxury residential home or commercial building, contact AC Power & Comfort today for a duct inspection. 

When is the right time to repair or replace ductwork?

An AC Power & Comfort technician can inspect your ductwork and tell you if repairs are possible or if your ductwork needs replacing. We only advise commercial building owners and other property owners to replace their ductwork when it’s absolutely necessary. If it is possible to conduct a repair, we’ll take that path instead. However, there are some common reasons why we may suggest replacing ducts. For example, if there are significant signs of mold, it could be a health hazard to everyone working in your facility or living in your home. Also, if the ducts have aged, weren’t installed correctly, or are crushed or collapsed, the ductwork may be beyond repair and need to be updated. Contact our office today to speak with a representative to learn more about your commercial air ducts and if they need repairs or a new ductwork system installed. 

How do commercial duct issues affect the working environment?

Issues in commercial ductwork can be incredibly harmful. The design and quality of your ductwork directly impact the indoor air quality of your facility. Employees can suffer from fatigue, headaches, excessive coughing, dry eyes, and other awful physical side effects of poor indoor air quality. These symptoms can lead to a stressful and unhealthy work environment, which can sink your productivity levels. If you’re concerned about the indoor air quality in your home or office, contact AC Power & Comfort today. 

How do I know if ducts need cleaning?

You’ll know that your ducts need a good cleaning if you notice unpleasant odors coming from the vents, dust appearing more than usual, and inconsistent airflow around the building or home. Remember that AC Power & comfort offers commercial duct cleaning services. If you notice problems with air distribution, contact us today to schedule an air duct inspection!

What are common reasons for duct damage?

There are several ways air ducts can get damaged in a commercial building or luxury home. Rust is a common occurrence in older buildings and residential areas that can affect air ducts. Ducts can also become damaged if the installation was poorly done. Ductwork is an intricate system in large buildings and homes, and the design needs to be specific. When these systems are not installed correctly, the ducts can collapse, block air, or leak. If you believe your ductwork is damaged at your luxury home or commercial building, contact us today. 

Contact AC Power & Comfort for Commercial Duct Repair 

If you’re noticing signs of reduced airflow, uneven cooling, excessive dust, or poor indoor air quality, you may have an issue with your ductwork. For the best South Florida commercial duct repair, contact AC Power & Comfort today!