Chill Water Piping Repair Services for Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Martin County

Chill Water Piping Repair Services

Are you ready to get serious about chilling out?

At AC Power & Comfort, we provide world-class chill water piping repair services to businesses like yours. With over 18 years of experience, we know a thing or two about keeping cool under pressure.

Here in Florida, HVAC services are especially crucial to your facility’s daily operations. Our hot and humid climate means your systems have to work even harder to maintain ideal temperatures.

And when those systems break down, your operations grind to a halt. You can call us for commercial HVAC support 24/7 across Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, and Martin County.

Services Provided by AC Power & Comfort

Whether your chill water piping systems use black steel pipes or copper, you can count on us to keep everything flowing smoothly.

The most important thing to keep in mind is how fast issues can go from bad to worse. Something simple like skipping maintenance quickly leads to rust, scaling, corrosion, leaks, and more. The moment you notice reduced efficiency, you have to spring into action.

You need a service provider who’s intimately familiar with every part of chill water piping. That’s why we specialize in cooling tower repair, chiller repair, and fan coil units.

And because we’re experienced with everything from repairing butterfly valves to retrofitting entire facilities, we’re your one-stop-shop for chill water piping repair services.

Condenser Water Piping for Cooling Towers

Cooling towers and chillers often go hand in hand. When paired together, you’ve got an extremely efficient system… until you need condenser water repairs.

Ideally, your facility keeps daily logs of temperature, pressure, and flow rate for all of your chill water pipes and equipment. But even if you have no idea when your system started having issues, our team is here to help.

The solution may be as simple as cleaning out your condenser water piping. Contaminates like algae, scale, and minerals can easily build up. When this happens, you’ll see a stark reduction in the efficiency of your heat transfer reduction. We’ll troubleshoot your condenser water loops and continue evaluating until we find the culprit.

We service CounterFlow, CrossFlow, and Induced Draft cooling towers. In terms of brands, we support McQuay, AMCOT, BAC, Marley, and EVAPCO.

Chill Water Piping for Chillers

A very common problem with commercial HVAC systems is that you have a lack of chill water flow through your chill water piping. This is often because of poor venting and piping installation.

All chill water piping systems are complex and sensitive, especially chillers. Chillers typically use air- or water-cooling to dehumidify your facility and keep it at a comfortable temperature.

But despite—or maybe because of—their delicate and elaborate nature, something like an oil clog or ice blockage can shut down your entire system. That’s bad news for your employees.

Thanks to our usual South Florida climate, a cool and comfortable temperature is necessary for productivity and worker safety. You just can’t meet daily quotas if you’re having any kind of chill water piping issues.

The thing is, you also can’t afford to sacrifice productivity just because you need repairs in the middle of the night or wee hours of the morning. That’s why we offer chill water piping repair services across Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Martin County 24/7.

Chill Water Piping for Fan Coil Units

To the naked eye, chill water piping for fan coil units looks simpler than a standard air handling unit. A fan coil unit holds a coil, fan, filter, and drain pan to catch condensation from its cooling coil.

Your chiller is usually the source of cooling for your fan coil units. These systems are incredibly efficient when they’re running properly. Chill water runs through the system to cool your facility, all while requiring less ductwork for your central system.

As a result, the chill water piping connecting these systems is critical to your operations. A leak in the pipes between your fan coil units and chiller quickly spells disaster.

If something’s wrong with your system, your fan coil units are at risk of overheating. Seemingly simple problems like drain blockage, condensed water drips, or a faulty exhaust valve can wreak havoc on your operations.

No matter what issues your fan coil units are having, we’ll troubleshoot both your chill water piping and the fan coil units themselves. Whether your fan coil unit needs a simple repair to get back online or you’re dealing with corrosion in the pipes, our systematic approach will have your facility back to work in no time.


How do you install a chilled water pipe?

Installing a chilled water pipe is a delicate process, requiring welding machines, threading machines, specialized chilled water pipe materials like valves and spacers, and hydraulic pressure testing before the pipe can be used.

All work must follow drawings and specifications. These materials usually undergo a review and approval process before any work can begin. Once everything gets the green light, the project should only kick-off once the jobsite is secure against unauthorized entry.

The installation process itself must follow manufacturer recommendations. This often includes components besides the chilled water pipe itself. Expansion couplers, fail valves, strainers, pressure gauges, and insulation all work in harmony to maximize efficiency.

Even when the installation goes flawlessly, you’ll still need chill water piping repair services from time to time. These delicate systems require care and maintenance, especially in the South Florida climate.

Does condenser water piping need to be insulated?

Yes, for best results, condenser water piping should be insulated. Insulating these pipes offers several benefits for the piping system and your facility as a whole.

Basically, condenser water piping needs to operate at a temperature lower than the room it’s in. When you insulate this system, you protect against heat increases due to the warmer temperature of the room.

This increases your system’s efficiency—which is great news for your facility’s utility bills.

Properly installed insulation can also reduce condensation and moisture problems. Without it, your condenser water piping is more vulnerable to mold growth and corrosion over time. These issues will negatively affect both your system’s effectiveness and the health of employees in your facility.

The last thing to think about is the impact to your piping’s longevity. Mold and rust are issues that go from bad to worse in the blink of an eye.

If 24/7 cooling is crucial to your facility, a lack of insulation could spell disaster down the road. But when insulated properly, you can look forward to prolonged service from your condenser water piping.

How do you fix a leaky cold water pipe?

The exact way to fix a leaky cold water pipe varies depending on the root of the issue, but generally we’ll shut off the system, drain it, take it apart near the leak, and weld the leak shut once we find it.

You see, a leaky cold water pipe should only be repaired by a professional commercial HVAC technician. Chill water piping systems are both delicate and complex. Disassembling and repairing cold water pipes on your own often becomes a total nightmare.

If you’re in South Florida and need chill water piping repair services, call us right now at 1.561.405.5946. Our team of technicians and 18+ years of experience are standing by to aid with every aspect of your chill water system, no matter how big or small.