FAQ’s About Possible Air Conditioning Concerns

  1. When should I change my filters?
  2. How often should I get my ac checked out?
  3. Which filters are better?
  4. How long does an ac unit last?
  5. Why do I continue to get less air in this room and more air in the other room?
  6. Which ac unit is better?
  7. What is seer rating?
  8. What type of warranty comes with a purchase of a new ac unit?
  9. What type of ac maintenance programs would best fit me?
  10. Should I get a UV lights installed because we keep having allergy problems and moldy smell?
  11. Why does my drain line keep blocking up after they have cleared it?
  12. Do you maintenance cooling towers?
  13. Do you maintenance chillers?
  14. Do I need my ducts cleaned?
  15. Best commercial ac brands and why?