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AC Power & Comfort is South Florida’s most reliable air conditioning maintenance and commercial cooling services company. No other HVAC company has the experience, knowledge, and skills that our HVAC technicians have at AC Power & Comfort. Contact our office today to find out what Florida’s best HVAC company can do for you!

We Provide Residential AC Services to Luxury Homes and High Rises, Commercial HVAC Services, Industrial HVAC Services and Building Automation Services. Our HVAC Technicians Maintenance, Repair, Replace and Install All Types of HVAC Equipment including Boilers, Cooling Towers, Pumps, Chillers and more.

Client Testimonials

I contacted Omar regarding work on our condo's Marley AquaTower that was leaking and in need of repair. I feel extremely fortunate to have found this company and their services. I met with at least 3 different AC vendors, and no one was as knowledgeable as Omar. His expertise in these types of towers was above and beyond any other vendor I spoke with. Not only was he able to diagnose the issue, but provided some cost saving repairs and did a fantastic job. The quality of his work and professionalism was outstanding. I highly recommend anyone searching for skilled expert in HVAC services to contact AC Power & Comfort. They truly are excellent.
Carol Mallia
01:22 28 Jan 20
Omar and his staff are very professional, dedicated and, most importantly, on-time. The original installation of my 17 year old A/C unit was in upside down and backwards. With determined dedication, and crawling under my home, they determined the best fix. A new exterior unit was installed and the previous interior mess was corrected for a very reasonable price. I highly recommend this local business for their excellence.
Lois Jacobs
15:19 20 Dec 19
Here's an #ACrepaircompany that truly provides 24/7 emergency services and stands behind promises made on their website. They came to our house on a Friday 9:30pm to determine the problem with our ac unit. The things that impressed me the most about AC Power Comfort's services were the professionalism throughout the visit, the ability to determine the problem in timely manner, and an extensive electrician knowledge. In the end our AC was fixed and we saved money. Your integrity, honesty, professionalism and expertise is remarkable. We certainly recommend as the best AC Repair Company in Palm Beach County! My wife is happy (Happy Wife, Happy Life !!!)so from our family, THANK YOU!!
Marcelo Oliveira
18:24 10 Mar 19
Omar is a true master of his craft. I have a geothermal heat pump and very few techs in the area understand how to service them. My unit was giving me sporadic problems with cooling and I went through several technicians and tried several solutions before Omar came by and figured it out on the first visit. He knew EXACTLY what was wrong and he made some recommendations on how to fix my unit.When he came by to do the work, you can tell he is very detail-oriented. He made sure that everything was in its place and he took several photos while he was doing the work. He took the time to explain to me how he was fixing everything and why it was going to fix the issue. He even contacted me after some days had passed to make sure that the AC was working fine. Now THAT'S customer service.He also gave me the invoice by email, which was a very nice report with photos and comments about the work done. He clearly went above and beyond which you just don't see people do these days.Professional, on-time, detail-oriented, customer-focused, and fairly-priced. Those qualities are very hard to find with AC technicians (or most professions for that matter). It's no wonder why he has such a high rating. If it wasn't obvious by now, I highly recommend Omar for any AC/heat pump needs!
Joseph Serido
11:27 17 Jul 18
Omar was awesome!! The a/c in our dental office was out and AC Power rescued us within hours. The issue was identified and fixed within an hour. It was great to have a true professional come to our office and handle everything so efficiently. We even decided to switch from our current a/c company to AC Power for our bi-annual maintenance we were so happy.
Carley Bellus
19:13 28 Sep 17
We have been using AC Power and Comfort in our building for three years now. They are extremely knowledgeable and professional and are always right there when we need them if an issue arises. We highly recommend this company for any of your AC needs they are great! Portofino South Condominium
Brigette Carbone
16:27 07 Aug 17
Omar and his staff really know their business! I have had wonderful service above and beyond expectation...especially in this heat! Fast reliable and honest....I highly recommend this business. You will be very happy!
Mark Smith
15:22 05 Aug 17
Omar is a hard working and honest guy. His prices are very competitive and he does great work. He has done several large repairs on my property and I am very content with the outcome of his work. He is the first a/c contractor I call when I have an issue and his response time is super fast. I would highly recommend him to any property manager!
Carlos Barrocas
17:22 09 Jun 16
AC Power and Comfort has been servicing a chiller for our MRI machine for a few months and Omar is a unique individual. He is very knowledgeable, honest reliable and professional. He doesn't stop until the problem is resolved. He is always pleasant and timely. Thanks to his You Tube videos he ranks high on google searches and he is the " real deal". Get your AC and Chiller repaired and learn a thing or two in the process. Thanks for keeping us cool... and being honest which doesn't happen often in South Florida.
A Lopez
23:02 26 Jan 16
Omar and AC Power and Comfort did an excellent job diagnosing and repairing our a/c system. We live in Parkland and Omar was able to come the next day. We are back up and running in a few hours. I would highly recommend Omar for any a/c system repair. He was also very thorough in explaining the issue and I believe him to be very honest and cost effective. He also made the payment process very easy.
Eliot Appel
13:47 28 May 15

Our HVAC Company Provides Quality Commercial HVAC Services Including:

AC Power & Comfort is an HVAC company that provides commercial air conditioning repair, HVAC maintenance, HVAC unit replacement, HVAC installation. We also conduct comprehensive indoor air quality inspections and services. Our qualified and licensed technicians offer emergency repair for any type of HVAC equipment including heating, cooling, commercial water towers, heating pumps, low-pressure boilers, commercial pumps, and chiller equipment.

HVAC Maintenance

AC Power & Comfort is an HVAC company that provides air conditioning maintenance services for all your luxury residential and high rise, commercial, and industrial needs. Our HVAC company has qualified technicians to maintain your HVAC system. It is always important that your HVAC equipment is well maintained on a routine basis. Call our HVAC company today to schedule your first maintenance HVAC service and discuss routine maintenance details.

HVAC Repair

We offer HVAC repair services for residential luxury homes and high rises, industrial and commercial properties. AC Power Comfort is an HVAC company with skilled technicians that repair all types of HVAC equipment including boilers, pumps, cooling towers, and more. If you are looking for the best air conditioning repair service in South Florida, contact our HVAC company to schedule an inspection.

HVAC Replacement

We replace all types of HVAC equipment including your commercial or residential heat pump, HVAC unit, heating system, cooling tower parts, boilers, and all types of other HVAC equipment for luxury homes, high rises, commercial establishments, buildings, or industrial facilities. If you are looking for a reliable air conditioning company in South Florida, contact us today to schedule an inspection.

HVAC Installation

AC Power & Comfort HVAC company can install all types of HVAC equipment including HVAC units, heating pumps, and other equipment for luxury residences, high rises, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities. Our commercial HVAC specialists are well known in the South Florida air conditioning industry as knowledgeable, reliable, and experienced.

Cooling Tower Service

As an HVAC company we install, tear down (demolition), service, repair, and provide maintenance to all types of cooling towers throughout South Florida. Our HVAC company has extensive experience with cooling towers. Contact us today to schedule a visit from one of our cooling tower professionals.

Commercial Chillers

As one of the best air conditioning companies in South Florida AC Power & Comfort provides service, repairs, and preventative maintenance to all types of commercial chillers. When it comes to chillers that are considered to be continuous-duty 24/7; monthly monitoring is always needed, call us today. We can help!

Boiler Repair and Maintenance

We offer boiler repair and maintenance services including regular maintenance plans, boiler troubleshooting, commercial boiler repair, boiler piping leak repair, change-outs, and more.


We can assist you with all types of Walk-In Cooler & Freezer installation, service, repair, and sales. If your commercial walk-in cooler or freezer is having problems call us today.

Duct Cleaning Service

We inspect and evaluate duct systems, air handlers A.K.A. (inside unit) for Indoor Air problems that may be related to bad odor or moldy smells.

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Who We Are

AC Power & Comfort, Inc. is a full-service class “M” licensed mechanical commercial HVAC contractor which is a highly respected license throughout Florida.

AC Power & Comfort, Inc is your local high-end residential, industrial and commercial HVAC company based out of beautiful Boynton Beach, Florida.

We provide Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Energy Management Systems services including:

  • Commercial HVAC repair, replacement, maintenance and installation
  • Residential HVAC – Luxury homes and high-rises HVAC repair, replacement, maintenance and installation
  • Industrial HVAC repair, replacement, maintenance and installation
  • Building automation services

AC Power & Comfort, Inc prides itself in giving our customers the HI-Qs, which stands for Honesty, Integrity-Quality service.

When it comes to quality commercial HVAC service in South Florida AC Power & Comfort got you covered. We are currently providing residential AC repair services for luxury homes and high-rises, industrial and commercial HVAC repair, commercial hvac installation, maintenance and building automation services from Stuart, West Palm Beach, Delray, Boca Raton, all the way down to Fort Lauderdale.

Call our HVAC Technicians today for an inspection on your commercial equipment or to get 24 Hour Emergency Commercial HVAC Services.

Got Questions for our HVAC Company? We’ve Got Answers!

It’s common for our clients to have questions and concerns about air conditioning, commercial system, heating service, repair, and maintenance. Don’t hesitate to contact our office and speak to a skilled HVAC representative that can answer all of your air conditioning or heating questions. In the meantime, here’s a list of frequently asked HVAC questions and answers that can help!

There are actually a lot of key differences between a commercial HVAC unit and a residential HVAC unit. The size of each of these units will be drastically different. A residential HVAC unit is much smaller than a commercial HVAC system. This is because a commercial HVAC unit will need to cool or heat large spaces like industrial buildings or high-rises. In addition, the placement of a commercial HVAC unit will normally be on a roof, while a residential HVAC unit is commonly placed on the side of the house or somewhere in a backyard. The two units will also vary on the technical side as well, as commercial air conditioning units are much more complex. To learn more about the differences between a commercial HVAC system and a residential HVAC system, give our office a call today.

There are actually a lot of key differences between a commercial HVAC unit and a residential HVAC unit. The size of each of these units will be drastically different. A residential HVAC unit is much smaller than a commercial HVAC system. This is because a commercial HVAC unit will need to cool or heat large spaces like industrial buildings or high-rises. In addition, the placement of a commercial HVAC unit will normally be on a roof, while a residential HVAC unit is commonly placed on the side of the house or somewhere in a backyard. The two units will also vary on the technical side as well, as commercial air conditioning units are much more complex. To learn more about the differences between a commercial HVAC system and a residential HVAC system, give our office a call today.

In order to size an air conditioning unit, you have to take a few things into consideration to properly calculate the right size. First, you have to determine the square footage of your residential home or commercial space. Then, in the air conditioning world, we have to measure something called the base BTU, which stands for the base British Thermal Unit. This is the amount of energy used to cool or heat a space according to the square footage. Finally, you have to take into account other things such as the climate, high ceilings, insulation, and other characteristics of a home or commercial property. After you consider all of these factors, then you can decide on what size is best for your cooling and heating needs.

If you’re needing to size a unit for your residential or commercial property, it’s always best to turn to an air conditioning expert! Contact our HVAC company to learn more about how we calculate the proper size of an HVAC unit for your commercial or residential property.

As the leaders in South Florida commercial HVAC service, repair, and maintenance, our technicians are experts on a variety of commercial air conditioning units. Here’s a list of HVAC equipment that we repair and service:

  • AAON Systems for office buildings, country clubs, and fitness facilities ranging from 15 to 100 tons of cooling with 100% outside air.
  • Liebert System from 10 to 125 ton cooling for Data Centers along with Liebert Chillers for magnet machines for medical clinics.
  • Commercial York Heat Pumps up to 60 tons for charter schools.
  • Carrier Chillers & Trane Chillers, air-cooled or water-cooled; 80 to 200 ton of cooling for high rises or health facility
  • Cooling Towers of different brands BAC, Marley, and Evapco for condo high rises.
  • Walk-In Cooler & Freezer 
  • And many more!

Remember that we can service, maintain, and repair a wide variety of different brands of air conditioning units. No South Florida resident or business owner should be concerned about a unit that we can’t fix. Contact our HVAC company today to learn more about the various air conditioning and heating systems!

The cost of residential and commercial HVAC systems will vary. It will depend on things like the size, placement, and your cooling and heating needs. In addition, HVAC units range in price according to different air conditioning brands. If your current unit isn’t working efficiently or you detect there’s an issue, contact our HVAC company as soon as possible. Our goal is to repair, service, and maintain a unit. Our trusted technicians think outside the box and use alternative approaches to repairs that other companies may not try. We’ll only recommend a new HVAC unit after we’ve exhausted all other repair options. Call us to schedule a residential or commercial HVAC inspection today to determine if it’s necessary to purchase a new air conditioning system.

Typically, an air conditioning unit in South Florida can last up to 8 years. However, with periodic maintenance, your air conditioning unit can last up to 15 years. It’s important to remember that if you live by the beach and your outside unit condenser is not coated, then you may be looking at an 8-year lifespan. If you’d like your air conditioning unit to last as long as possible in this harsh South Florida climate, we highly recommend a routine HVAC maintenance plan. We have annual, semi-annual, monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly plans. Contact our HVAC company today to hear about our HVAC maintenance plan packages, prices, and special deals!

Duct cleaning only depends on how much filth is in the duct stream or if moldy. If you see mold on your vents in several locations of your home, then there’s a chance that you might need duct cleaning. If you have a moldy odor, but no mold growth is visible on your vents, then the targeted area would only have to be at the evaporator coil/plenum (also known as the inside unit air handler). It is not necessary to clean ducts if there is no sign of dirt or mold in the vent stream. However, your first step is to get your ducts inspected. Contact our HVAC company today to schedule a free duct inspection!

At the very minimum, we recommend at least quarterly maintenance checks on your HVAC system, regardless of how new it is or if it’s a residential HVAC system or a commercial HVAC system. If you want your air conditioning system to work for as long as possible in the humid Florida climate, regular checks are key to an HVAC unit’s longevity. Our HVAC company offers monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annual maintenance packages that can prevent system failures before they start, keep your equipment clean, and make sure your HVAC system is working efficiently.

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