About Our Boiler Repair and Maintenance Services

At AC Power & Comfort Commercial Boilers are part of the HVAC industry. If it is a means of manipulating air or water temperature, this is right in are field. We provide service & repairs to low pressure commercial boilers up to 1millon BTUs and known brands like Lochinvar, Well-Mc, Carrier, Trane and York. Boilers are pretty much used for a wide range of application when applied in the HVAC industry. They can be applied to heat water for sanitation purposes, central heating, energy and the pressure that it builds-up to operate machinery. The most common boilers used in South Florida in commercial buildings or Health Facility are water-tube & fire-tube boilers.

Boiler Services We Provide:

  • Regular maintenance plans
  • Boiler troubleshooting
  • Commercial boiler repair
  • Boiler pipping leak repair
  • Change outs
  • LP or NAT Gas system boilers
  • Welding gas pipes

Preventative Maintenance for Commercial Boilers

AC Power & Comfort offers the following when it comes to a quarterly, semi or annual Preventative Maintenance for commercial boilers. Just a few to mention.

Quarterly Monitoring:

A quarterly monitoring inspection will be performed.

  • High limit
  • Flow Switch
  • Low Water Cut-off
  • Flame Sense Module
  • Relay Board
  • Gas Pressure Switch/ Gas Valve


The following will be performed on annual basis.

  • The Boiler will be cleaned and inspected once a year
  • Ignition components will be free from dust, soot, dirt and corrosion or other deposits that will cause the boiler not to perform correctly.
  • Burner inspection & removal.
  • Heat exchanger inspection (which will include checking the inside and outside of the exchanger for signs of damage, soot or corrosion)
  • Remove and inspect manifolds.
  • Inspect burners for damage or discoloration. ( wire brush will be used for cleaning)
  • Boiler Test for sequence of operation.
  • Gas Pressure Test with Manometer and record inlet and out pressures.

Winter start up

During our winter season for HVAC services getting your heating elements in your package units and boiler for cooling tower water heating cleaned and checked for issues that may prevent your building from having heat or heat pump not operating normal. Dust buildup on heat elements can cause fires and trigger a fire alarm system to be active. Having soot or carbon buildup on burns or in heat exchanger for boilers will cause nuisance shutdowns. Here at AC Power & Comfort we can achieve and correct these issues or even prevent them from happening with the proper maintenance.


As an HVAC service & repair company here in South Florida and on the types of HVAC equipment that we manage on a day to day basis our clients depend on us to make sure that we are fully engaged at a skill level to troubleshoot and operate their HVAC machinery. Troubleshooting is one of the most important parts in the HVAC industry. And having a non skilled service tech in field is not how we operate. Our service techs have years of book knowledge and field knowledge and are exposed to a variety of troubleshooting situations involving HVAC Commercial Chillers, Commercial Cooling Towers, Commercial boilers, Frequency Drives, Carrier Controls, Pumps, Motors and more….

Raypak Boiler Repair in Boynton Beach


Services performed

Boiler issues:

  • Removed defective gas valves
  • Installed new OEM gas valves
  • Checked for gas leaks
  • Performed start up and adjusted gas pressure

Commercial Boiler Repaired in West Palm Beach

Boiler Pipping Leak Repair at the BB&T Center


Services performed

Boiler issues: Boiler piping water leak

  • Combo check valve/flex flanged joint removed
  • Steel flanged joints mechanically wired brushed
  • New gasket installed
  • Leak Repaired