Top Facility Management Systems and Tools

Top Facility Management Systems and Tools

Multi-tasking is a huge component of managing a facility, which is why it’s important to have the top facility management systems and tools to stay organized. Between electrical, plumbing, HVAC repairs, and general upkeep, it’s important to utilize technology to stay on top of everyday tasks. 

AC Power & Comfort has been building relationships with facility managers around South Florida for years. That’s why we wanted to compose this list of facility management systems and tools to help our fellow technicians, contractors, and managers streamline their work for optimal productivity. 

The Best Facility Management Systems and Tools 

 Below you’ll find the top facility management systems and tools used for both large companies and small building management businesses. There’s a range of tools that come in the form of mobile apps and computer software. First on our list is our state-of-the-art HVAC Diagnosis app to help you manage commercial air conditioning and heating equipment and request the help of one of our technicians in the easiest and quickest way possible. Keep reading to learn more about the best facility management systems and tools currently available. 

Commercial HVAC Diagnosis App

HVAC Diagnosis App is a budget-saving top facility management tool created by AC Power & Comfort. HVAC Diagnosis can help you solve commercial HVAC issues on the spot. The app includes a step-by-step process to help you troubleshoot common HVAC problems, find easy solutions, and even contact an experienced local technician to assist you. 


Ecotrack is a facility management platform that can be applied in various businesses such as retail, home repair work, food industries, or even healthcare. Features include repair and replace scenarios, real-time asset lifecycle tracking, and budget monitoring. 


UpKeep is facility management software that helps you view all work orders and repairs in an organized fashion. This tool can help you prioritize repairs so you know the most pressing tasks that need to be completed first. UpKeep can help facility managers communicate with their team, contact technicians, and understand the current health of their equipment. 


OnePlace is facility management software created by Unearth Technologies. This software is incredibly helpful for managing multiple projects at once. It touts an ability to provide a birds-eye view of all projects while consistently capturing the most current data to help move work forwards. 


FMX is a tool that promotes saving money by saving time on work orders, being proactive with facility maintenance, and automatically assigning technicians to repairs. FMX can be used from a mobile device or desktop computer. 


simPro can help remove all paper orders, whiteboard assignments, and confusing spreadsheets from a facility manager’s job. All data and work orders are saved on one cloud-based software system. This tool is great for streamlining workflows and invoicing to help keep budgets in check.  


Cartegraph is a great facility management software system for properties that include vast outdoor spaces as well as large buildings. It can help management see the current condition of the entire facility at once. Technicians and other crews can see work orders and understand tasks through the system. 


Fiix is software that’s designed to help simplify work orders. It can keep track of repair and maintenance schedules, parts on hand, costs, and priority work orders. It also includes a communication system to help teams stay organized. 

Asset Essentials

Asset Essentials was created by Dude Solutions and is aimed to optimize operations at multipurpose facilities. This software can help boost productivity by setting management goals first and allowing the system to create a prioritized list for you. It can also assist with predicting maintenance repairs and preventing equipment issues before they start. 

Q Ware

Q Ware is designed for small to midsize facility maintenance operations. One of the key features is a request system that allows employees to submit work requests that are funneled to a single workspace. Once the work is complete, all appropriate personnel are notified with reports showing proof of compliance. 

Don’t forget to download our HVAC Diagnosis app and stay connected with the most experienced and skilled commercial air conditioning technicians in South Florida. Remember, we’re always looking to improve. If you have comments or suggestions for our HVAC Diagnosis app that you think can help you and other facility managers, don’t hesitate to email us to share your thoughts.

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