Consequences of Not Preparing Your HVAC Equipment for Summer


Building and maintenance managers as well as commercial property managers that don’t prepare their HVAC equipment for summer or have a regular HVAC maintenance plan in place to minimize the chances of having major HVAC equipment problems that cost big bucks or HVAC problems with multiple units at the same time could easily lead to a chain of problems starting with:

  • Downtime in summer which leads to
  • High humidity which leads to
  • Tenant discomfort and complaints which leads to
  • Rent reduction and
  • Building loses value

Property managers that are proactive save time and money

Once summer arrives, temperatures start rising and so the cost of HVAC repairs caused by an overload of calls combined with rush orders being placed, which will cause serious problems for building and commercial property managers. 

Most commercial HVAC companies are very busy in summer servicing clients that already have a regular maintenance plan. If you are a building owner, building manager, property manager or maintenance manager in South Florida, we can’t stress enough the importance of having a HVAC maintenance plan.

The overall benefits of having a HVAC maintenance plan are:

  • Save big money: Sometimes a small repair could prevent the breakdown of the entire unit as a whole.
  • Increasing the lifespan of your equipment: In South Florida weather plays a significant role in the degradation of parts exposed to the sun. Proper regular maintenance will play a role in increasing the lifespan.
  • Overall tenant happiness: The most important of all benefits which is closely related to downtime. Having the right temperature and clean air. 
  • Reducing downtime
  • Availability of quality HVAC  technicians

We have prepared a HVAC maintenance checklist for property managers.

Experienced commercial HVAC technicians in South Florida

We have provided commercial HVAC maintenance for luxury waterfront high-rises and residences, sport facilities, stadiums and arenas, office buildings and business centers in South Florida. 

Choosing an commercial HVAC company that fits your needs

If you are a building owner, commercial property manager or building maintenance manager and are looking to hire a commercial HVAC company in South Florida we have written a few articles to make your life much easier. Here are the top articles we recommend reading:

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