HVAC Maintenance Tips for Building Managers


The secret to an efficient commercial HVAC that saves you time and money is proper care and regular maintenance. Here are five handy HVAC maintenance tips for building managers and property owners.

1. Consider a full replacement.

At some point (usually after 10 years), maintaining a HVAC system becomes a drag on your time and money. Consider replacing it with a newer, more efficient system that will even last longer.

2. Schedule major maintenance and upgrade runs during off-peak seasons

Do not wait until the freezing cold of winter or scorching heat of summer is here to start upgrading your system. Fall or spring is a good time to do a thorough check and make any necessary upgrades. There is less demand on the system and more technicians are available.

3. Replace air filters

For a large commercial place, air filters should be changed monthly or quaterly to keep air flow at a maximum. This is especially important during peak seasons.

4. Regularly clean condenser coils

This removes built up dirt and prevents your cooling system from long-term damage.

5. Have a biannual HVAC inspection

Get a professional inspector to check the HVAC twice a year, ideally during the low-peak seasons of spring and fall. They will check that the system is still safe and reliable and make appropriate recommendations.