Let’s Bring the Quality HVAC Services Back


Let me share a little history about myself before I get to my point with why we should bring quality back to the air conditioning field.

Hello, my name is Omar. I’m the proud owner of AC Power & Comfort, Inc. My company is a small family business that’s growing through our reputation of being honest and reliable in this industry. First and foremost, I’m not a writer,so please bear with me. Now that that’s clear, lets get started. I’m married and I have a beautiful family. My wife is Yesenia and I have a handsome 7 month old son named Christian. My profession is in the HVAC-R industry and I have been in this trade since 1998. So that’s about 16 years now. I’m a licensed Mechanical Contractor “CMC” for that state of Florida. I picked this trade because I fell in love with the science/theory behind Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems.

HISTORY: I first started as an apprentice in the electrical field for residential homes for three years. I slowly transitioned into industrial and commercial field electrical controls. During time spent as a electrician I enrolled into Vatterott College for a two year associates program in ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY. To me, it was the best decision I have ever made. With the electrical experience and the HVAC studies program I started to work for HVAC companies in Ohio and continued my electrical work as well. I learned more trade knowledge than business knowledge at the time. I was dealing with large Ventilation Systems for commercial buildings and schools which was not my favorite, communicating air conditioning systems for commercial applications, refrigeration installs for supermarkets like walk-in coolers, freezers, refrigeration bunkers and reach-ins, residential ac installs, boilers, steamers, piping for both ac & refrigeration and more. Back then in the 90s teachers knew how to teach students in this trade which was a plus for the industry. Air-Conditioning equipment would be installed correctly and parts were made solid, field technicians would understand and know how to properly evacuate and charge systems correctly, troubleshoot problems with very little call-backs and get paid well for what you they were capable of doing and leaving the client happy with the quality service given. As my years in the trade progressed I continued my studies at Bryant & Stratton College in Mechanical Engineering. Fortunately I moved to beautiful South Florida in 2005 in the month of August. I realized quickly that in South Florida Air-Conditioning is an important necessity and can feel like a luxury to have. I found work that same week when I arrived. In 2006 I decided to study for my state mechanical license. It took me a whole year to properly train for this test. Rumor had it that the class “M” for Mechanical was the highest and respected license and hard to get in South Florida . Luckily I was able to pass it by achieving a passing grade of 86% and was awarded my State Mechanical class “M” license. With this license I was able to start a business however, I felt that I was not ready so I continued to work for other companies and gain more knowledge on the do’s & don’ts on how a company should be managed. I sometimes would try to share my knowledge with some companies during my employment that will benefit the clients but they were more focused on volume than quality. But regardless of the philosophy of the company which was usually not in favor of the client, I still gave the client quality service as if they were my personal client. After learning what customer service is I slowly started gaining the confidence to venture out on my own. In 2013 my wife and I were thinking of names that will deliver the power of air conditioning service to a comfort level that clients will come to love. So, AC Power & Comfort Inc. was the name we registered with the state. Our logo at first was basic in getting the company name noticed.

After a few adjustments we created a more professional design. We wanted something that showed quality, was clean and eye catching, so we picked what’s below the writing as our new logo. We then added our slogan to be “Your Comfort Solution at its Best”.

We are still in business and believe that Quality is an important key factor/element in today’s HVAC industry. How many readers like Quality? Almost everyone, because I know I do. It’s just like buying something that stands out and has quality; you invest in something cheap, it wont last, but if you invest a little more in something, you tend to give that item a bit more attention; it will last longer.

When it comes to AC Power & Comfort Inc. We treat our clients like that expensive item that has quality. We show how important our clients mean to us by listening to their problems and coming up with a solution to correct their problems. Even if AC Power & Comfort comes across an issue that we do not know the answer to, we research that problem, and we go the extra mile to resolve the issue and to win that trust.

I have been in this field long enough to see other AC Contractors rip-off, scam, lie or abandon their clients. Which in return makes it hard for honest, reliable, quality skilled contractors to regain that trust.

The problem today is that we have these so called handyman people that may or may not be licensed that go into business with one thing in mind, and that’s to make money. Although everyone is trying to make a living, I don’t just have one thing in mind. There are several other things that I feel are more important than just making money. If I can make my clients feel safe, like I’m their family member in their home, that’s all that really matters to me. Because at the end of the day I have a client that can count on us for honest, reliable, quality service and can call AC Power & Comfort for their AC Problems.

Now, there are air-conditioning companies that believe in quality work and as a result of that quality they are also priced quite expensive. Just because we give quality we don’t feel that we need to be in the clients pocket’s squeezing every cent they have. Let’s be fair with our clients and give them what they need so that we build that trust and integrity which goes a long way.

Basically to sum everything up, I have had only time, experience and the education to learn what clients need from an AC Contractor and that is to give clients the HI-Qs

Honesty, Integrity- Quality service.

Please state your thoughts about “Let’s Bring Quality Back!!!”