Why Maintenance Commercial HVAC Equipment?


Having an commercial  HVAC maintenance program on your commercial equipment is essential in order to extend the longevity of your HVAC units. With a maintenance program applied to your building you can rest assured that there will be less breakdowns and time lost without air conditioning.

An efficient and productive maintenance program will also reduce major repairs, resulting ultimately in budgetary savings.

An effective maintenance program will be proactive in finding any minor issues and resolving those problems before they become major repairs that may lead to longer AC down time.

A detailed maintenance report during each visit will allow clients the opportunity to make a more informed decision, instead of waiting until the last minute after the damage has been done to the unit.

Properly maintaining the units will also help reduce your electric expense cost.

The following is one example on how an inefficient, poorly maintained unit would negatively affect your power bill:

Having a loose belt will cause a lack of air flow to the desired office space or spaces. The motor pulley will be turning faster than the blower wheel causing belt slippage. This will result in longer run time and an increase in power consumption leading to a larger monthly power expense.

While this is taking effect this will also put more wear and tear on your HVAC unit. If the client is not aware of this issue, future major repairs will be inevitable.


So, to sum this up in a mathematical format.

No Maintenance Program = Higher Power Usage + Major repair costs + Downtime.

Preventative Maintenance Program = Lower Power Usage + Minor Repair Costs + No Downtime.