Heating Season Is Around The Corner


Hello everyone, this is AC Power & Comfort with the cooler weather just around the corner, I would like to share a few things that might help you be better prepared for the colder winter months ahead.

As an HVAC Contractor, I find that most people in South Florida feel that, “Heating is not an important factor nor a necessity”. However, with the climate changing over the past 4 years we have seen temperatures reach down as low as the 40’s. Client’s have come to realize that heating is becoming an important factor in the HVAC industry in South Florida.

(This is just a little something that I would like share)

When it comes to temperature, our body already idles internally at 98.6 degree’s, but when any physical activity is done, our pores open to release heat and our sweat glands then work to cool our body in order to maintain our temperature close to 98.6 degrees. Conversely, when we begin to feel cold, our hypothalamus regulates our temperature similar to how an AC unit regulates our indoor temperature. It senses the cold and activates our small blood vessels to close up in order to conserve heat. We sense the cold on our hands, nose and toes first causing our body or “unit” to respond accordingly and make the necessary adjustments. Anyways…….

In order to achieve comfort levels, temperature has to be manipulated; and we manipulate our temperature through our HVAC mechanical equipment.

Here are a few important Heating questions to ask yourself as winter season approaches. (This applies to commercial buildings and residential homeowners.)


1.) When my AC unit was installed, did they include heat elements?

2.) Does my heating system work?

3.) When was the last time my heating unit was inspected? (majority of the time, the focus is on our AC cooling effectively and we tend to forget about our heating. When it comes to Preventative Maintenance Contracts, 90% of them are for air conditioning cooling only.

4.) Have I ever turned on my heat and have a strong burning smell coming out of the vents?


1.) Does the building heating system work?

2.) Have I scheduled an HVAC Contractor to come out and inspect my heating system located on the roof top unit?

3.) Have I scheduled an HVAC Contractor to come out and check if my VAV boxes have heat? Before I have complaining tenants saying “it’s too cold in here”.

4.) Have I scheduled an HVAC contractor to come out and clean the heat elements? So that we can avoid triggering the fire alarm this year.

5.) Have I scheduled an HVAC Contractor to inspect the Cooling Tower water heat elements?

Again, here are some important heating questions that you should ask yourself before the cooler weather is here. If you have answered “NOT SURE” to any of the questions, Call AC Power & Comfort and schedule your visit. Remember, We are “Your Comfort Solution at it’s Best”www.acpowercomfort.com