What You Should Know About the Florida Senate Bill 1190 Requiring Cooling Tower Owners to Have a Maintenance Program

Florida Senate Bill 1190 Cooling Tower Maintenance

Florida Senate Bill 1190 was introduced by Florida State Senator Joe Gruters and, if it becomes law, by Nov 2020, every cooling tower owner would be required to register annually with the Department of Health.

What would be required of cooling tower owners?

According to the bill 1190 cooling tower owners would be required to obtain and update a regular maintenance program and would also demand regular tests conducted by certified laboratories and/ or by the county department of health.

When would the cooling tower bill 1190 become law?

The effective date of the bill is Jan/7/2020. Currently the bill 1190 is indefinitely postponed but could potentially be revised due to the current events related to health and previous outbreaks that happened and lead the New York state to adopt similar regulations.

AC Power & Comfort will continue to track the bill and will provide updates as needed. If your cooling tower is in need of maintenance contact us today for an inspection. Don’t let your cooling tower reach precarious conditions or un-sanitized and potentially become inoculated with potentially hazardous levels of Legionella.