Is Your Commercial Property Spreading the Coronavirus?

Is Your Commercial Property Spreading the Coronavirus?

Quick Tips to Help Minimize the Spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 in Your Building or Commercial Property

If you are a commercial property manager, facility maintenance manager, facility engineer or commercial property owner, taking precautionary measures to help minimize the spread of COVID-19 in your commercial property is top priority.

As a South Florida HVAC contractor as for all HVAC companies that are out there, we are the source to bring comfort cooling and manipulate the air to make it warm or cold and also control humidity. 

Buildings or properties that have not maintained their HVAC equipment may have higher chances of spreading the Coronavirus. Properties such as schools, churches, malls, gyms, business centers, airports, country clubs, banks, movie theaters, hospitals, restaurants and other commercial buildings all have commercial HVAC equipment that if not regularly maintained can drastically decrease the quality of air, which may improve the chances of spreading the virus.

More than ever tenants, employees and coworkers’ attention and productivity are relying on good and breathable air. 

Why should property managers do an emergency HVAC maintenance on their HVAC equipment?

If you manage or own a building or commercial property having a emergency HVAC maintenance can:

  • Help minizine the spread of coronavirus
  • Help avoid complaints that could lead to more serious problems or tenants wanting to leave
  • Improve the air quality
  • Increase the lifespan of the equipment 

What can property managers do to help minimize the coronavirus?

Here are quick routine steps that property managers, facility engineers and maintenance managers should be taking to help minimize the spread of CoronaVirus in your building or commercial property:

  1. Bring a percentage of outside fresh air into your space: Commercial building, office building or homes. You may have a building that does not draw outside air, and may have people or workers that may have a common cold. 
  2. Check your motorized damper on your package unit: Make sure that if you are drawing some percentage of outside fresh air that your dampers are opening up.
  3. Free cooling: During cooling climates it would probably be best to have some free cooling. Free cooling is when your compressor is not operating but you’re bringing in some outside air that’s just effective as a compressor that is operating. 
  4. Dampers: Check your dampers. If they are not working try to manually open yourself. You can manually open if they are not functioning. (we do recommend getting it repaired or changed out). 
  5. Humid Air: In South Florida, if your building is not equipped to control humidity, however, it is best at this very moment to bring a percentage of outside air. 
  6. HVAC Coils: Get your coils sanitized.
  7. Fitlers: Get your filters changed out.
  8. UV-Light: Having a UV-light installed in your supply and in your return.

It is very important to help minimize the spread of coronavirus in your commercial building or  home by making sure the air you, your employees and tenants are breathing quality air but it is also important to clean surfaces using vinegar, armer & hammer, alcohol, lemon which are products that aren’t harmful to the body and have carcinogenic chemicals.

AC Power & Comfort is on alert and ready to help any property manager in South Florida that needs an emergency HVAC maintenance to ease the mind of tenants, employees and coworkers. AC Power & Comfort is a commercial HVAC company.

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