Benefits of I-VU Systems for Commercial Buildings


Emergence of large and complex commercial building across South Florida has come with some challenges to building and property managers. One of the main challenges is how to manage and control systems installed in such buildings. You will agree that it’s not easy to manually manage over a hundred offices within one building. Such challenges have made it necessary to use modern innovative technologies like I-Vu system to enable smooth and cost effective building management by the building and property managers. With I-Vu system they are able to monitor and control various systems installed in buildings.

An I-Vu control system integrates state of the art equipment with optional plug and play controllers and a web based user interface. The system can be used to manage the simple needs of a small commercial buildings as well as large multi story commercial installations with ultra-modern complex systems. I-Vu system can enable building managers to efficiently meet the need of tenants with ease by adding extra cooling and heating equipments, plug and play controllers as well as reporting capabilities. Without such automation control system it would be very difficult for any property manager to meet such needs in a multi story commercial building.

The I-Vu control system has open controllers that can be used to boost operation efficiencies, increase comfort, improve environmental air quality and enhance systems diagnostics thus optimizing controls. They can also be connected to HVAC equipments as well as any other systems like lighting, cooling water, fans and pumps. All these capabilities make I-Vu control system one of the top building automation control system available in the market.

I-Vu control system enables control over the whole building’s air system via the web, so that you can monitor your premise’s cooling and heat use in every room from anywhere. It can also create schedules, set point hours, alarms, reports and much more related to your building automation system for optimal performance and efficiency. Viewing and control are available via any browser, including phones and tablets. This building automation system has the best interactive features that any building or property manager can long to have; not only to make his job easier but increase his or her efficiency.

I-Vu System Benefits for Commercial Buildings

The I-Vu system has numerous benefits to building and property managers responsible for managing various business suites and commercial buildings. They include:

Control Temperature in Offices or Rooms

The I-Vu control system allows property managers to regulate room temperature when they are unoccupied. Its scheduling and reporting capability improves the efficiency of the system setting automatic adjustments and/or shutoffs. For example you can set a room temperature to increase or drop by 5 degrees or to any desired level whenever it is unoccupied and return to normal once occupied. This function enables energy savings thus lowering the power bill hence saving money. Manager can achieve great saving in large buildings will small temperature allowance.

Access on Monitoring and Changing Set Point Temperatures Remotely

I-vu building automation system can be accessed anytime through a powerful I-Vu web-based user interface. Through the web a property manager can access the system, monitor and change set point temperatures for individual clients enabling cooling or heat mode. This enables property managers to increase client comfort and satisfaction 24/7 even if they are away from the building. Managers can also manage HVAC equipments, configure and/or view schedules, trends, alarms, set points and reports remotely. The system also allows integration, monitoring and controlling of other systems installed in the building like meters and lighting using standard protocols. The system can be accesses through mobile devices, tablets and PCs with standard web browsers.

Alarm Management

I-Vu’s powerful alarming capabilities enable you to monitor alarm events in the whole system from a PC. Alarms are effectively sorted by type, incident or date enabling quick response to serious alarms while sifting out the nuisance alarms. The system also allows emailing of alarm reports hence making it easy to share such information with alarm response companies.

Tenant Billing

Built-in tenant billing reports enable monitoring, storing, and billing of tenants for after hours energy consumption. This after hours energy consumption is based on override events that can be initiated by the tenant inside of their controlled space. Each override event is recorded by the Tenant Billing application, allowing the building managers to invoice the tenant for their energy usage during that period of. As a result, after hours energy costs are easily tracked and distributed to the tenants in the building.