Benefits of HVAC Maintenance On Your Commercial Or Industrial Equipment


As a business owner, one of your main goals is to maintain your budget in order to subsequently increase your profits.

Although having a thorough preventative maintenance program in place may seem counterproductive to maintaining your budget, it is quite the opposite. It will not only keep large capital expenses down in the long run and lengthen the lifespan of your equipment, but also help you to forecast in your budget future major equipment replacement, allowing you enough time to project and plan for major capital expenses.

To overlook implementing an HVAC preventative maintenance plan for your commercial equipment will be more costly for you and your clients in the long run.

Below we highlight a few points concerning why hiring a qualified air conditioning maintenance company to fulfill your Commercial HVAC maintenance is of upmost importance.

  • Savings in the long run- inefficient or neglected equipment ends up drawing more power, even when lightly used. Maintaining the equipment consistently with the proper maintenance plan will conserve energy and dollars!
  • Performance improvement- Simply put, neglecting your equipment can result in eventual equipment failure. Overlooking something as simple as a loose belt or a loose electrical connection can cause major damage to the unit as a whole. A detailed HVAC Preventative Maintenance plan will pinpoint any issues that may be causing the unit to run inefficiently before it becomes a major issue, saving you thousands in unforeseen expenses.
  • Prolong the life span of your equipment- Implementing a Consistent Preventative Maintenance schedule will prolong the life span of your equipment, allowing it to run efficiently for a longer number of years. In Florida, your equipment is exposed to a variety of different weather elements. From the extreme heat, to excessive rainfall or erosion from being in close proximity to the ocean. With the proper hvac maintenance you can lengthen the life of your equipment from approximately 8 years to up to 15 years!
  • An efficient system will keep your clients happy- Not only will your clients work more productively in the right environment, it can also reduce incidences of employees calling in sick. Indoor air quality is an essential part of maintaining proper working environment for your tenants. If a unit is not working efficiently, it can bring pollutants into the air, resulting in allergies or colds from your clients. With the right AC preventative maintenance, you can stay on top of any allergens or bacterial growth from entering your environment.

The key is to be proactive instead of reactive with your HVAC maintenance!

So what exactly does an HVAC preventative maintenance plan cover on my commercial equipment?

A Commercial or industrial HVAC maintenance can be somewhat similar to your residential equipment, however, on a grander scale with more parts and larger pieces of equipment that can go bad if not properly maintained. Now that you have decided that it is a good idea to protect your HVAC investment, how do you know that you have the right air conditioning maintenance company in place to help you with your hvac maintenance?

The attention is in the detail! The majority of HVAC companies hire young techs who may or may not have their AC certification and have the majority of their experience in residential HVAC equipment. Commercial and Industrial HVAC is a whole different animal. Having the right seasoned tech to perform your hvac preventative maintenance is what is going to assist you in becoming a proactive owner in maintaining an efficient system.

Basic quarterly preventative maintenance performed on a commercial trane package

What are a couple of items that my air conditioning maintenance company should be looking for and why are those items important to maintain?

Something as simple as switching out your air filters on a routine basis is essential to ensure that your system runs smoothly and that you have a front line barrier that will help you and your tenants to breathe easy. Neglecting your air filters can lead to an iced up coil and eventual compressor failure.

A Loose belt for example can cause low suction pressure, improper air flow throughout the building and longer periods of run time in order to reach set point temperatures. Ultimately, if left unattended to, a loose or torn belt can also lead to an iced up coil which can result in compressor failure as well.

Also checking all electrical connections can reduce or eliminate down time. During an HVAC maintenance, any loose or burnt electrical connections can be identified, repaired or replaced. If left unattended to, a loose or burnt connection can cause intermittent issues which can lead to potential system failure.

An experienced air conditioning maintenance company will also be very communicative on exactly what was performed and what was found. Communication with your HVAC company is key in order to run your equipment efficiently and productively. It is essentially a partnership that will keep your equipment running smoothly and save you budget dollars in the long run!!

Looking to implement a new hvac preventative maintenance plan for your commercial or industrial equipment? Feel free to contact AC Power & Comfort for your complimentary on-site visit and we would be more than happy to put together a plan that will fulfill all your budgetary and HVAC needs from one of our experienced and seasoned commercial HVAC technicians.