AC Power & Comfort provides our customers with skilled mechanics when it comes to services & repairs. AC Power Comfort service many different types of ac equipment that are in the field for residential homes and condos

We believe in solving your problem on the first visit, and giving you Quality service that you can trust.

When it comes to Service & Repairs, AC Power & Comfort’s primary goal is to help you as our client with all your ac problems and bring that problem to end.   We Service & Repair all makes and model AC Units.

Our Service & Repairs covers the following:

No Cooling

Outside unit comes on but the indoor unit blower is not cycling

Dirty Ducts

Heating problems related to electric, gas or geothermal heat (a.k.a. Heat Pumps)

Ventilation problems related to the duct and ac system

Water leak problem related to the ac unit

Thermostat problems

Odor problems related to odd smell coming out of the vent when unit starts

Outside AC unit not coming on and hums when it tries to start.

Troubleshooting problems when it comes to communicating systems

Reducing high energy cost

………………..and many more