The main problem that AC Power & Comfort encounters with their customers is a lack of maintenance to their air conditioning unit.  Did you know that your AC unit is a vital part to your home? Just like getting a tune-up for your car or rotating your tires.  Why is it that we can remember to get regular oil changes in our cars but we often neglect our AC units? Out of sight, should not be out of mind when it comes to your AC unit. Let’s train ourselves to remember about that air conditioner that sit on the side of our home all by itself, waiting for attention.

Potential Problems that lead to a lack of Maintenance

  • Blocked drain line which causes water leaks. Water leaks are the # call for AC Units in south florida
  • Not cooling enough and starting to feel warm & humid. Resulting from a dirty evaporator coil that had no filter or that had a dirty filter that has not been changed in months.
  • Bad odor & moldy smell caused by bacteria growth in the drain pan.  This would also be a starting point for mold growth and spreading.
  • Shorted or loose wires; which will cause a NO COOL issue.

One of these issues alone could amount up to 4 times greater than what it would cost to maintain your AC unit for one year. You are not only preventing these issues from occurring, but you are also extending the lifespan of your unit as well.


AC Power Comfort offers

  • Bronze – one year contracts include two visits.
  • Silver – two year contracts include four visits.
  • Gold – three year contracts include six visits.