Luxury High Rise HVAC Services

AC Power & Comfort provides HVAC repair and regular AC maintenance for many high-end homes, commercial and residential high rise buildings in South Florida.

HVAC services provided by AC Power & Comfort include:

  • High Rise Cooling Tower Repair and Maintenance
  • High Rise Chiller Repair and Pump Repair
  • High Rise HVAC Maintenance
  • High Rise Boiler Repair
  • Building HVAC Installations
  • High Rise HVAC Replacement or HVAC Change Out
  • HVAC Controls Design, Installation, Repair, Tuning and Setup

High Rise Buildings Serviced In South Florida By ACPower&Comfort

high rise HVAC repair, replacement, maintenance

High Rise Building Cooling Tower Pump Repaired in Miami

high rise building cooling tower pump repair Miami

Type of Repair: Condenser Pump & Seal Repair.

  • Demo
  • Remove
  • Install
  • Replace Mechanical Seals
  • Reconnect Electrical
  • Join coupler

Miami High Rise AC Maintenance


Exhaust Fan Installation – High Rise Building in West Palm Beach


High Rise Chiller Repaired in Fort Lauderdale

High Rise Boiler Repaired in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach High Rise Piping System Descaling

West Palm Beach High Rise HVAC Services

Work Performed:

  • Descaling of the Cooling Tower Piping System
  • Descaling of the Cooling Tower Piping System is vital to the buildings Cooling System.
  • With scaled risers or valves this can create restriction that can lead to low water flow through the piping system which in return will cause high head pressure on water source heat pumps.
  • It is highly recommended to descale the buildings CT piping system every 1 to 2 years.

Standby Pump Installed in Lighthouse Point Florida

LIghthouse Point High Rise HVAC Pump Installation

It’s always good to have redundancy on a commercial high rise. By having a second pump helps with future repairs in order to avoid down time. If one pump has or develops problems, like leaky seals or a blown motor, the second pump (known as the standby pump) will continue normal cooling operation while the repairs are made to pump one.

Before & After High Rise HVAC Repair – Condenser Water Re-Piping

HVAC Repair Condenser Water Pipping

Miami High Rise Condominium Pump Shaft Alignment

We provide HVAC services in the following South Florida Areas

ACPower&Comfort provides High Rise HVAC maintenance, repair and installation services in all Palm Beach, Broward and Miami including Fort Lauderdale, Aventura, Downtown Miami, Boca Raton, Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Coconut Creek, Highland Beach, Lighthouse Point, Manalapan, Ocean Ridge, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter