I have been a commercial HVAC technician for 18+ years and providing commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning maintenance, repair and installation services to South Florida for 15 years.

Top 14 mistakes to avoid when hiring a commercial HVAC contractor

When searching for an HVAC company in South Florida, it seems like they are pretty much a dime a dozen. It is definitely a field that is in high demand in a region where Air conditioning is not a luxury but a necessity. That being said, as a business owner or property manager, where budgets need to be met and time spent without air conditioning is simply unacceptable, how does one find an honest, reputable and knowledgeable HVAC contractor in an industry where those traits are hard to come by?

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indoor air quality services

How to improve your indoor air quality and the reasons why it should be a priority in your business or home.

A growing number of people are starting to realize the importance of indoor air quality and the key role that the right HVAC company can play in obtaining this type of healthy environment. Living in South Florida, buildings are always looking for new and innovative ways to conserve energy and make sure that an air tight environment is established. Especially now with Hurricane impact resistant windows, there is less of a threat to provide any potential leaks or increase in the energy bill through old drafty windows. Although new technological advancements have helped with keeping us safe during torrential storms and have helped in increasing our energy conservation, there also comes a slow realization that although everything is sealed and nothing is coming in, subsequently nothing in return is going out. Continue reading “How to improve your indoor air quality and the reasons why it should be a priority in your business or home.”


Top 10 reasons why I should install a VFD Drive on my commercial HVAC equipment

Variable Frequency drives or VFD’s have been around now for over 20 years. Although earlier versions were limited depending on the horsepower of the system, today’s variable frequency drives can be in commercial and industrial pumps and motors of up to 500 horsepower. VFD’s are one of the most effective energy management tools ever implemented onto HVAC systems.
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Benefits of HVAC Maintenance On Your Commercial Or Industrial Equipment

As a business owner, one of your main goals is to maintain your budget in order to subsequently increase your profits.

Although having a thorough preventative maintenance program in place may seem counterproductive to maintaining your budget, it is quite the opposite. It will not only keep large capital expenses down in the long run and lengthen the lifespan of your equipment, but also help you to forecast in your budget future major equipment replacement, allowing you enough time to project and plan for major capital expenses.

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Commercial HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Preventative maintenance is vital for the longevity and efficiency of your commercial HVAC system. Just like biannual visits to the dentist or a monthly tune-up for the family vehicle, HVAC equipment is no different. Routine maintenance schedules can prevent costly repairs, reduce energy costs and extend the life of the HVAC system. In fact, The New Building Institute estimates that regular HVAC maintenance can reduce energy cost by 10 to 20 percent across all climate zones in the United States. In contrast, poorly maintained units can consume 30 to 60 percent more energy. Here is a detailed commercial HVAC maintenance checklist.

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HVAC System Problems That Affect Employee Productivity And Health

As a building or facility manager it is your responsibility to see that employers can provide a conducive work environment to their employees. Indoor air needs to be at a certain quality in order to effect maximum productivity by creating a comfortable and healthy environment. The quality of the indoor air is determined by its temperature, the humidity levels, how well ventilated it is and its level of purity (if there are other chemicals components in the air).

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Common HVAC Pump Problems and Solutions

HVAC system is simply an assembly of different types of equipment that are installed together to provide heating and cooling in commercial facilities. HVAC pumps transfer fluids within the HVAC system and support the operation of boilers, chillers, and commercial water towers. There are various types of pumps used in the HVAC systems, but the most common include the centrifugal pump and the booster pump. However, what happens when the HVAC pump cannot keep your building cool in the summer and warm in the winter? This means that you are having pump problems. Below is a list of the most common HVAC pump problems and solutions.

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